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Don't Like Normal Sports? Try Ours Instead!

Air Fun Trampoline Park - Multi-Sport Arena Attractions

Archery Tag (Ages 10+)

Archery is the newest and hottest way to have fun with your family and friends! It utilizes a little bit of dodgeball and paintball rules along with some archery skills to create Archery Tag!

Team members hide behind barriers on each side of the arena and attempt to hit the other players with their foam tipped arrows. Once one team has all of their players eliminated by being struck with an arrow, the other team wins!

Interested in playing this exotic new game? Come check it out with us today!

Paintless Paintball (Ages 10+)

So you love paintball but hate all the mess? So do we!

Instead of using regular paintballs, we use rubber paintballs so there is no mess to clean up! If you're familiar with a paintball gun, you'll catch right on!. The balls are shot out of something that resembles a regular paintball gun, but they are softer and travel much slower than paintballs.

Paintless Paintball is a fun and addictive new game that incorporates lazertag and paintball. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Indoor Soccer

What's so great about indoor soccer? Well if you want to get technical, we can give you 5 right off the bat!

The ball is kept in play more

Why waste time chasing the ball that just went sailing out of bounds? Less chasing the soccer ball = more play time!

Improve scoring chances

More play time = More chances to score!

No weather

Raining outside? No problem! You'll be indoors!
Windy day today? No problem! You'll have 4 walls to shield the wind!

Air conditioning

Less sweat to wipe off = Less time spent NOT SCORING!

Less distractions

No cars driving in the parking lot next to the field, no wild animals running through the field, and no sun in your eyes!

Minimum soccer booking is 6 people

It's Air Fun Time.

It's Air Fun Time.

We recommend reserving your jump time in advance. This will ensure that once you arrive, there will be no wait time to fill out waivers and pay for tickets. Shorter wait times mean you can enjoy our trampoline park as soon as possible!


All jumpers must have a signed waiver on file. Jumpers under 18 years old must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver.

Don't have a waiver on file yet? No problem! Just follow the link HERE or at the bottom of the page to sign online now!


Since trampolines can be slippery, we recommend wearing non-slip socks.

Important Information

The maximum jumper weight on the trampolines is 250 pounds.
Jumpers between 45-60 inches may jump on inflatables and trampolines during paid jump time.

Need to Sign a Waiver?

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