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Activities = Fun Exercise!

Air Fun Trampoline Park - Activities

+ Trampolines

Our wall-to-wall segmented and continuous lane trampolines, dodgeball court, and crash pad trampolines are available during normal operating hours. Come to train, for aerobic (exercise), or just to have fun “bouncing off the walls”.

All ages are welcome (jumpers are separated by size for safety).

You’ll have the time of your life and an intense workout.

+ Escape Rooms

Have you ever played any type of "room escape" games? Well we now offer the real thing!

All ages are welcome to participate and try to figure out all of the clues and how to escape!

Hone your detective skills in this thriller that is sure to make your brain work while having a blast!

Click here to see more!

+ Arcade Games

When your legs get tired of jumping and feel like they need a break, it's time to check out the arcade games!
Everyone likes to play arcade games whether it be an original pac-man game or a modern extreme car racer.

Whenever you're ready, we'll be here waiting for you!

+ Virsix Virtual Reality Cube & Challenge Cube

The Virsix Virtual Reality & Challenge Cube is definitely one for the books!

How about we take video games to the next level? Instead of playing with a handheld controller, YOU BECOME THE CONTROLLER! We utilize a headset that morphs reality into a 360 degree virtual environment right before your eyes!

The headset and other equipment we have uses motion sensors to determine your body movements and transfers them into the game. Pretty neat, huh? As with any game console, there and multiple games to choose from so why not come try it out today!?

+ Lazermaze

How would you like to work on your ninja skills? Well we have just the place for you!

Our Lazermaze obstacle course will have you jumping, ducking, and rolling like a real ninja to avoid the laserbeams and make it to the other side. You'll be re-creating the same moves you've seen in movies in no time!

So....can you make it?

+ Basketball

Our basketball slam-dunk hoops offer a new level of challenge and fun. Shooting hoops from a trampoline is like playing with springs on your feet and the landing is always gentle.

Waivers must be signed by all adult jumpers and parents are required to sign waivers on behalf of their minor children.

+ Dodgeball

Dodge ball is always fun but there’s nothing beats playing it while bouncing on wall-to-wall trampolines.

It’s an action-packed, competitive game that will challenge you in ways that you can’t imagine. There isn’t a more enjoyable way to burn calories.

You can practice with friends during normal operating hours on our Dodge Ball court, or form a team and join our league.

Note: Dodge Ball court use is included with your admission, but space is not guaranteed. Our dodgeball courts are available on a first-come / space available basis during normal operating hours. Our staff may limit time if others are waiting or to separate contestants by size.

During tournaments and team practice, dodge ball courts may be reserved for team play only.

Waivers must be signed by all adult jumpers and parents are required to sign waivers on behalf of their minor children. When booking online you will be prompted to sign the eWaiver.

It's Air Fun Time.

It's Air Fun Time.

We recommend reserving your jump time in advance. This will ensure that once you arrive, there will be no wait time to fill out waivers and pay for tickets. Shorter wait times mean you can enjoy our trampoline park as soon as possible!


All jumpers must have a signed waiver on file. Jumpers under 18 years old must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver.

Don't have a waiver on file yet? No problem! Just follow the link HERE or at the bottom of the page to sign online now!


Since trampolines can be slippery, we recommend wearing non-slip socks.

Important Information

The maximum jumper weight on the trampolines is 250 pounds.
Jumpers between 45-60 inches may jump on inflatables and trampolines during paid jump time.

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